This page is the archive of exhibitions curated and organized by James Manning.


Aldo Tambellini: Black Zero

Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY • October 2011

Organized by the Boris Lurie Art Foundation

Curatorial assistant to Joseph D. Ketner with the preparation and install of the recreation of Aldo Tambellini’s “electro-media”  multi-media installation for museum retrospective exhibition.


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The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

The Gallery at Children’s Hospital Boston • October 2011
Co-Curated with Jessica Finch, Art Coordinator, Children’s Hospital Boston.
Exhibition featuring a selection of rarely seen paintings, prints, sketches and sculpture made throughout the career of Dr. Seuss.


string theories

New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University, Boston, MA (NESADSU) • October 2008.
Featuring art by Paul Andrade, Lou Cohen, Keith Francis and William Frese.
An exhibit inspired by the string theory of physics, exploring the relationship between art and science .

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NESADSU • August 2008.
Works by Mike Farley, Cathleen Faulbert, Georgie Friedman, Pete Froslie and Lizzy Martinez.
An exhibition of artists exploring their own manipulations of the perceptions of reality; life forms re-imagined, new landscapes and histories envisioned.

Explore the page for Nascent.

Interventions and Objects

NESADSU • February 2008.
Site specific projected video and sculpture installations by Bebe Beard and Liz Nofziger.
Exhibition featured catalogue essays by James Manning R.L. Gordon and Phaedra Shanbaum.

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The 2007 Stephen D. Paine Scholarship Exhibition

NESADSU, January 2008

Kaitlyn Emerson, Kristin Kyper, Daniel Murphy, Rachel Akiba, Brian Duffy, Conor McGuire and Patrick Short.

Exhibition of the 2007 winners and honorable mentions for the Stephen D. Pain Scholarship.
The Stephen D. Paine Scholarship was established in 1999 by the Boston Art Dealers association and is awarded to Boston area undergraduate art students.

Artist selected by Anne Hawley, Director Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and Pieranna Cavalchini, curator of Contemporary Art, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.
Exhibition Curated by James Manning


The 2006 Stephen D. Paine Scholarship Exhibition

NESADSU, January 2007

Cory Corcoran, William Eddy, Brian Halligan, Arthur Henderson, Cody Hoyt, Sharlene M. Ickes, Julie Larsen and Rui Wang.

Exhibition for the 2006 winners and honorable mentions for the Stephen D. Pain Scholarship.
The Stephen D. Paine Scholarship was established in 1999 by the Boston Art Dealers association and is awarded to Boston area undergraduate art students.

Artists Selected by Theodore Stebbins, curator of American Art and Virginia Anderson, assistant curator of American Art, Fogg Art Museum Harvard Museum.

Exhibition Curated by James Manning


Studios @ 35

Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA • December 2006.
Boston Center for the Arts 35th anniversary exhibition featuring 36 studio artists connected to the organization’s history.
Exhibition featured catalogue with essay by James Manning.

Book Club

NESADSU • July 2006.
Exhibition with Harvey Loves Harvey and Lee Walton who collaborate to solve the “Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg”

The 2005 Stephen D. Paine Scholarship Exhibition

NESADSU, June 2006

Lily Brooks, Sear Carroll, Mark Chariker, Lina Maria Giraldo, Melissa McGorty, Tricia O’Neil, Sandra Powers, Alex Ward and Heather Lee Wilson.

Exhibition for the 2005 winners and honorable mentions for the Stephen D. Pain Scholarship.
The Stephen D. Paine Scholarship was established in 1999 by the Boston Art Dealers association and is awarded to Boston area undergraduate art students.

Artists Selected by William Stover, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, MFA Bosto.

Exhibition Curated by James Manning


One Night Stand

Studio Soto Boston, MA • March 2006.
Curator of video screening featuring shorts films and video, animation and experimental multimedia work by Boston filmmakers.
Films by Michael Sheridan, Jeff Smith, Liz Nofziger, Ali Horeanopoulos, Rob Coshow, Jim Kalambokis, Harvey Loves Harvey, Jaimes Mayhew, The Institute for Infinitely Small Things.

Final Edit: Jim Kalambokis 

NESADSU Project Space • January 2006
Solo Exhibit of altered, manipulated and re-imagined books.

Kirsten A. Malone: Retrospective

Copley Society of Art, Boston, MA • August 2005
Curator and member of exhibition committee for memorial exhibition in memory of Kirsten A. Malone. The exhibition was a fundraising event for the Kirsten A. Malone scholarship established at the Massachusetts College of Art for female artists

Corporate Commands

Space 200 Boston, MA • April 2005
Exhibition held in conjunction with the 2005 Boston Cyberarts Festival, featuring elements from the Institute of Infinitely Small things performances of ‘Corporate Commands’


Space 200 • March 2005
Featuring work by Tim Bailey, David A.E. Dixon, Don Eyles, Jeffrey P. Heyne, Marketa Klicova, Roger Miller, Amy Ross, David Schuester and Debra Weisberg.
Group show featuring works focusing on design, material and form.

Little Things

Space 200 • December 2005
works by Brett Angell, Amy Carpenter, John Crowley, Mary Derr, Michelle Hartog, Danielle Krcmar, Maureen O’Connor, Dan Roe and Jonathan Sahula.
Exhibit of works exploiting senses of scale, size and environment.

Abstracting Thoughts

Space 200 • November 2004
Linda Leslie Brown, Keith Francis, William Frese, Peter Harris, Reese Inman.
Group show of 4 artists with works pushing boundaries between recognition and abstraction.


Space 200 • September 2004
Kristin Dodge, Joanne Kaliontzis, Karyn Kirke, Julie Lohnes, Liz Nofziger and Katie Rowley.

Give me Some Truth: Theories Conspiracies Politics and Art

NESADSU • August 2004
iKatun, Dana Chandler, Eric Freeman, Charles Giuliano, Ricco Guerrero, Gregory Miller, Matthew Nash, Lisa Gordon/Piotr Parda and Arnold Trachtman.
An exhibit exploring connections between conspiracies and politics and implications through art, from the 1960’s Kennedy era through the “War on Terror”.
Held in conjunction with exhibits and events at five other organizations including: Art Interactive, Berwick Research Institute, Zeitgeist Gallery, JP Art Market and the Fort Point Arts Community Gallery and coinciding with the 2004 Democratic National Convention held in Boston.


NESAD/SU • August 2003
An exhibit of Boston area students and emerging artists working with self portraits and self imagery.
Ruhiyyih Comack, Michael Hammecker, Sara Hairston, Barry Hazard, Mel Georgakopolos, Heidi M. Marston, Meghan Turbitt.
With a performance by Natalie Loveless.


Judi Rotenberg Gallery Annex and at NESADSU • July 2002
Co- Curated with Abigail Ross, Director of the Judi Rotenberg Gallery.
with work by Anne Beresford, Fredo Conde, Don Harney, Karyn Kirke, Kristin Lamb, Kelly Sherman and Michelle Toppi.
Two simultaneous exhibits each featuring the same group of 7 artists, exploring the ties between visual narratives and visual execution.


Judi Rotenberg Gallery Annex (Judi Rotenberg Gallery) • December 2001
co-curated with Abigail Ross, Director Judi Rotenberg Gallery.

Joyce Washor and Brett Angell
Exhibition of paintings.

Space Oddity

NESADSU • July 2001
Brad Spavin, Johanna Benotti, Chuck McNally, Noah, Fischer, Karine Kadiyska, William Frese, Julia Silvestri.
Exhibition of student artists working with the figure in dramatic ways.
All the work in the exhibit was monochromatic and challenged viewers to explore the relationships between different artists views of the same subject matter.

Surface Deep

Little White Box Gallery at the Revolving Museum, Boston MA. • April 2001
Co-curated with Ken Travers.
Matthew Ward, Phillip Ilatovsky, Kristen Lena and Jason Cole Mager.

This was the second in a series of annual Boston art school student invitation exhibitions held at The Little White Box an artist run gallery at the Revolving Museum in South Boston.


The First Stephen D. Paine Scholarship Exhibition

Gallery fx, SOWA Boston, 2001

Kelly, Alicia and Sarah Casilio, Christen Goguen, Luke Adams, George Dobrenty, Ewa Macierakowska and Amanda Warren.

Exhibition for the first winners and honorable mentions for the Stephen D. Pain Scholarship, held at Gallery fx a gallery dedicated exclusively to student artists.
The Stephen D. Paine Scholarship was established in 199 by the Boston Art Dealers association and is awarded to Boston area undergraduate art students.

Artists Selected by Theodore Stebbins, curator of American Art and Virginia Anderson, assistant curator of Americian Art, Fogg Art Museum Harvard Museum.

Exhibition Curated by James Manning


Between Lines

Fort Point Arts Community Gallery • February 2001
Ahmed Abdalla,Tim Bailey, Fiona Gardner, Josephine Pergola, Yuko Adachi, Hannah Zwart and Karyn Kirk.
Live sound performance by John Latartara.
A group show of painting, sculpture, sound and photography featuring works that blur the line between what is real and know and what is perceived.

Star Search

NESADSU • July 2000
Daniel O’Connor, Vadis Turner, Fran Osborn-Blaschke, Melora Kuhn, Nina Dunn, Eric Legacy, Brett Angell, Elizabeth Dougherty, Matt Templeton, Amy Ross, Meryl Hamilton and Saul Chernick.
Group exhibit featuring students and emerging artists from the Boston Area. This was the first in an ongoing of series of annual exhibits featuring emerging artists from the Boston area at NESADSU

Exhibitions at Gallery fx – 1999-2001

Gallery fx, a.k.a First Expressions Gallery was a 501(c)3 not for profit art gallery dedicated exclusively to student artists in the Boston area.
From 1999-2001 James Manning was the director of the gallery at its located in Boston’s South End SOWA arts district.

The documentation and history of Gallery fx is currently being complied and will be posted here when complete.

Exhibitions at ArtVigor – 1997-1999

ArtVigor was a not for profit art gallery located in Maverick Square, East Boston, MA

James Manning founded ArtVigor in 1997 and over two years, organized numerous exhibitions, film screenings and performances in the space.
Currently listed here are the major exhibitions, a more extensive history of ArtVigor including more photos and video from some of the performances held at the space is currently in the works, that material will be posted on this site when complete.

Hidden Insides

ArtVigor Gallery, East Boston, MA • October 1998
Ed Ott, Bonnie Natalie Dubin, Chris Taylor, George Polous and David Koshiol
Group installation with works that stress the ideals of form, scale and the internal struggle and qualities of life and human nature.


Torn Apart

ArtVigor • August 1998
Meryl Hamiliton, Mary O’Malley, Bonnie Porter, Charles Giuliano and Kate Tarlov.
Installation of works that experiment with the new uses for traditional material and the ideas of what is intended by the artists and what the viewer see.


ArtVigor • March 1998
Iah House, Christopher J. Fabbri, Hannah Burr, Harry Bartnick, Scott Mcgilvary, Matthew Linton, Ted Hinman, Diana Rice, David Schuester, Tina Ginacapolis.
Group exhibit focusing on transforming space using depth, space, color and environment.


ArtVigor • October 1997
Linda Leslie Brown, Eric Maki, Pat Jackson, Erwin Johnson and Randal Thurston
Group installation focused on the ideas of human/animal form and the psychology of people and nature.

Untitled (show #1)

ArtVigor • August 1997
Derek Aylward, Eddie Martinez, Jeff Smith, Diane Grieco, Brian Suojanen, Darius Lalas, Rob Millard, Justin P. Moore and Samantha Fields
Group show included works in a variety of media.
A program of short films from local artists and a performances were part of the opening reception.

Under 25

Fort Point Arts Community Gallery, Boston • 1996
Juried show organized by James Manning, included works from 36 artists selected from 75 entries from around New England and New York.
All artists in this exhibit were 25 years old or younger.

Insides Out

Gallery 28,(New England School of Art & Design) Boston •1995
Installation of students from the New England School of Art & Design with sculpture and painting focusing on the use of exotic and unusual materials, included a mural painted by all the participating artists. Curated by James Manning.


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